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Ethical E-waste Recycling in Victoria

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A diagram showing e-waste going into a shredder and coming out as usable resourcesImage depicting e-waste going through a shredder and turning into resources

What is
E-Waste ?

E-waste is electronic waste, such as vacuum’s, microwaves, TV’s, ovens, air- conditioners, computers and so on.

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The Problem

Too often government business and general public send e-waste to landfills where it leaches harmful materials into the environment. 

Harming the Environment, Endangering Our Future

A trash truck picking up waste

The Solution

ReSource safely recycles e-waste in the most advanced facility in Australia, following AS 5377 standards to ensure positive environmental effects.

Not Just for the Environment, But for Our Future Too

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E-Waste Facility

Australia’s first Large-Scale
E-Waste Processing Facility

A picture of ReSource's processing machinery
Australia’s first net-negative energy impact recycling facility

The ReSource facility is home to many firsts in Australia: the first net negative energy impact recycling facility, the first x-ray sorter for mixed batteries in the southern hemisphere, the first and only facility to process temperature exchange devices (TEDs) in an environmentally responsible way, and the first to have a fleet of vehicles and equipment with Euro 5 emissions or better.


Materials for Reuse

A close up of various recycled metals/materials

Mining or creating materials for items has high environmental costs. But diverting materials from landfills to reuse lowers the amount of mining, pollution and waste. In many instances, ReSource diverts up to 90% of raw materials for reuse.



A picture of ReSource's carbon filter system

At ReSource, we prioritize safety and environmental protection by adhering to AS 5377 standards. This guarantees that these hazardous elements are managed, stored, and disposed of in a responsible manner.

Let Us Do the Right Thing With Your E-waste
It’s Destination Matters

An aerial shot of ReSource's massive solar system

ReSource's Capabilities

ReSource has the facilities, experience, and expertise to recycle all common e-waste items:

A microwave and a drill

Small Electronics

Vacuum cleaners, microwaves, headphones, personal fans/heaters, small electrical tools, etc

A computer and monitor

Televisions & Computers

Televisions, computers and other products covered by the National Television and Computer Recycle Scheme

A dishwasher and a lawn mower

Large Appliances

Dishwashers, ovens, washing machines, dryers, microwaves, and vacuum cleaners

A refrigerator and an aircon

Temperature Exchange

Fridges, freezers, air conditioners, and dehumidifiers

A treadmill

Other Large Equipment

Exercise and sports equipment, monitoring and control devices, and dispensers

Solar PV and storage

Solar PV & Storage

Solar panels and inverters

Two different types of lightbulbs


Lamps (including pocket, straight tube fluorescent and professional mercury lamps), household and professional luminaires

Smart phone and internet router


Mobile Phones, including smartphones, and pagers

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Phone number
133 699
A building
Facility Address
70 Swann Dr, Derrimut, VIC 3026 Australia
AS / NZS 5377