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E-waste Recycling

Building a Sustainable Future With Today’s Technology

Our Story

In May 2023, ReSource opened the doors to Australia’s first large-scale e-waste processing facility.

Set on a 15,000 sqm site in Derrimut, Victoria, the site’s recycling plants process all types of e-waste. Whether it be computing equipment, household electrical items, large white goods, batteries or even solar panels, ReSource has invested millions in creating the ultimate e-waste recycling site for positive environmental impact. Ultimately, this makes it easy, cost-effective and safe for Victorians to properly dispose of e-waste—while doing our part for the environment.

Our Mission

Through pioneering innovation and unwavering commitment, our mission is to establish ourselves as the foremost leader in revolutionizing the landscape of large-scale, efficient e-waste recycling.

We envision a future where the responsible management of electronic waste not only safeguards our planet but also catalyzes economic growth. By continuously pushing the boundaries of technology and sustainable practices, we strive to set new benchmarks in safety, environmental stewardship, and profitability within the e-waste recycling sector.

Our Difference

We developed the facility with an unrelenting focus on our environmental impact and processing efficiencies, and as we did, it became clear that many solutions we brought to the market are unique. We are very proud to demonstrate what is possible for the industry and set a new industry benchmark, including:

First Australian recycling facility to have a net negative energy impact thanks to an 860kw solar system that will produce more energy than the operations consume

First Australian recycling facility that possesses AI-powered, thermally activated water cannons to protect against Li-Ion fires

First X-ray sorter for mixed batteries in the Southern Hemisphere, which enables the facility to be only the second company in the world to produce a fertiliser-grade black mass output from Alkaline and Zinc Carbon batteries

First and only facility in Australia to process TEDs (Temperature Exchange Devices) in an environmentally friendly way thanks to a dual-stage activated carbon filter that stops over 98% of VOCs and airborne heavy metals going into the atmosphere

First recycling company that will have a fleet of vehicles and equipment (on and off-road) with Euro 5 emissions or better

Our Services

Safely disposing of e-waste, batteries, and other items should be easy and accessible. With ReSource, Victorians get access to transparent and effective recycling for:

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A diagram showing e-waste going into a shredder and coming out as usable resourcesImage depicting e-waste going through a shredder and turning into resources