We Make it Easy and Safe to
Recycle E-waste in Victoria

The right way to recycle, safe, efficient and 90% carbon neutral
AS 5377 Certified
Pickup & Transportation Available

E-Waste Recycling

We make it simple to recycle e-waste at Australia’s first large-scale e-waste recycling facility.

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Battery Recycling

Safely recycle, alkaline, and zinc carbon batteries, recovering 80% of the battery’s materials for micronutrient fertilisers supplements.

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IT Asset Disposition

Dispose of your end-of-life IT assets responsibly with our ITAD services. Providing A to Z service in recycling the material.

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ReSource’s data destruction services guarantee complete data sanitisation / destruction using the most effective method in the industry

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ReSource helps Organisations throughout Victoria Recycle E- Waste

Waste Companies
Local Governments
Small & Medium Businesses
Healthcare Systems
Recycling Centers
Education Providers
HVAC Companies
Appliance Retailers
And Many More!

The Future of E-waste Recycling in Victoria is Here

A picture of ReSource's first processing stage
E-Waste Facility

We Are Breaking
New Ground

Processing up to 20M kg’s of e-waste annually

E-waste is a big problem that requires big thinking and even bigger solutions. As the first large-scale e-waste facility in Australia, we can process up to 20M kgs of e-waste annually in our 15,000 sqm specialised facility, allowing us to tackle the growing e-waste problem in Victoria.

A picture of ReSource's AI color sorter
New Technology

We are
Cutting Edge

New problems require new solutions

The old ways won’t address these new problems. ReSource has introduced new advancements, including AI-driven battery sorting, proper recycling of Li-ion, alkaline, and zinc carbon batteries, high-efficiency recycling for low-value items, and technology to prevent VOCs/airborne heavy metals from entering the atmosphere.

A picture of ReSource's processing equipment
New Technology

We are

On our way to carbon neutral recycling

Whether it’s producing more energy than we consume with solar panels, using 1/25th the energy of traditional battery processing (smelting), or redirecting materials from low-efficiency recycling to maximum material recovery, we’re focused on efficiency at every step, which helps us extract up to 90% of materials.

AS / NZS 5377