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Battery Recycling

Turn Your Old Batteries into Micronutrient Fertilizer, Safely and Easily

Recycling for Li-ion, alkaline, and zinc
carbon batteries in Victoria

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Recycling Batteries

How it Works

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Bring your used batteries to our advanced recycling facility in Melbourne.

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We’ll turn alkaline and zinc carbon batteries into nutrient-rich fertilizer.

Need to dispose of batteries? We’ll safely recycle them.

Until recently, when your batteries ran flat or no longer held a charge, you had only two choices: illegally toss them in a landfill where they’ll leach toxic chemicals into the ground and water or send them to a recycler who uses an inefficient, polluting smelter, capturing little material for reuse.

Fortunately, Victoria has a new, eco-friendly choice for battery recycling: ReSource. By not using smelting methods, we use 1/25th the energy of traditional recyclers.

Home to the southern hemisphere's first AI-powered x-ray sorter for mixed batteries, enabling maximum material recovery, ReSource makes it simple and safe to dispose of your batteries as a B-Cycle Accredited vendor.

And, unlike other battery recyclers, we can safely process Li-ion batteries thanks to our advanced fire suppression tech.

It Matters

Why Proper Battery
Recycling is Vital

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In 2019, Victoria made it illegal to dispose of batteries in landfills.

Despite the smart legislation, only about 10% of batteries from handheld devices are recycled in Australia.

That means 90% of the batteries in our phones, torches, power tools, remote controls, and toys end up in landfills where they negatively impact the environment as mercury, cadmium, lead, and nickel reaches people, plants, animals, and waterways. Li-ion batteries have also been known to spark fires in landfills, filling the air with toxic smoke.

To add complexity, traditional battery recycling has its own problems.

Most battery recyclers in Australia rely on smelting that consumes tremendous amounts of resources and, due to their low-tech operations, only 40% of materials are recovered for future use. Many cannot process Li-ion batteries and, if they do, not all facilities feature the fire suppression technology to safely do so.

Instead, ReSource has invested in the facilities and technology to safely and effectively recycle Li-ion, alkaline, and zinc carbon batteries, turning what was once an environmental detriment into nutrient-rich fertiliser via state-of-the-art technology. Plus, we recapture an astounding 80% of materials for future use!

and Answers

Why Choose ReSource for Battery Recycling?
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ReSource is Australia’s first and only recycling company for alkaline and zinc carbon batteries; others may claim to recycle, but the batteries are ultimately sent to smelters. We chose to focus on Alkaline and Zinc Carbon batteries because they comprise the vast majority of single-use batteries. We produce a clean, dry, perfectly sized micronutrient fertiliser supplement from these batteries.

We recover over 80% of the battery vs. less than 40% with smelting.

What Makes ReSource’s Approach to Battery Recycling Different?
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We are an Australian 1st, utilising X-Ray and AI technology to detect and sort different batteries. These sorting capabilities allow us to take batteries, a waste product, and separate them with more than 99.8% purity to produce multiple fertiliser outputs.

How Efficient Is ReSources’ Approach to Battery Recycling?
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We use around 1/25th of the energy compared to smelting, sadly the only “recycling” pathway for these batteries Our process is designed to process efficiently, safely, and environmentally friendly, the equivalent of more than 185,000,000 batteries annually!

The Average Australian Generates 21.7kg per year of E-Waste
We can Safely and Efficiently Recycle your E-Waste  

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