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Cost-effective IT Asset Disposition in Australia

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IT Asset Management

Discover the Difference with
ReSource’s ITAD Services

IT remarketing

Trade your pre-owned electronics with us and profit from previously leased or outdated tech.

Data Erasure

We employ Blancco software to meticulously clear your device's data, ensuring the utmost data privacy protection.

IT Asset Auditing and Destruction

We can establish a comprehensive inventory of your existing IT assets and when they are no longer suitable for reuse, we will responsibly recycle them for maximum material recovery.

We Want Your Old, Broken, Unused, and Outdated IT Assets

Laptops & Servers

Network Equipment

Phones & Monitors

Switches & Cables

Mobile Phones & Tablets

VoIP & Phone Systems

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Discover the Difference with
ReSource’s ITAD Services

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It’s true: not all ITAD partners properly handle or dispose of your data or leverage eco-friendly methods

—and few pay fair rates for your used devices.

Your data is at risk, assets are disposed of instead of recycled or refurbished, and you’re underpaid for your devices, reducing the benefits of ITAD for you and the earth.

However, ReSource makes ITAD easy, safe, and cost-effective, diverting more material and devices to reuse, curbing negative environmental impact.

Your data is handled and destroyed properly to prevent data breaches, following stringent AS 5377 standards while employing NIST 800-88 software for effective erasure.

And you can always expect fair-market value when we purchase your IT assets!

If you need a cost-effective ITAD partner, get in touch for a quote or answers to questions.

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What Makes ReSource’s ITAD Services the Best?
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The benefits of ReSource’s ITAD services come down to 5 vital elements.

Maximizing asset value

We identify items that can be resold or repurposed and ensure that they are appropriately refurbished, cleaned, and tested before being resold. This can help your company recoup some of the costs associated with upgrading your IT infrastructure.

Ensuring data security

Our ITAD services use advanced techniques to ensure that all data is securely erased from your IT assets before they are resold or recycled. This helps to protect your company from data breaches and security incidents.

Ensuring compliance

Our ITAD services can help ensure that your company complies with these regulations because we’re well-versed in Australian regulations and operate according to AS 5377 Certification standards.

Reducing environmental impact

IT assets can contain hazardous materials that can harm the environment if not disposed of properly. Our ITAD services can help ensure these materials are properly handled, recycled, or disposed of responsibly.

Simplifying the disposal process:

Our ITAD services provide a comprehensive solution for the disposal of your end-of-life IT assets, which can help streamline the disposal process and save your company time and resources.If you’re ready to see why ReSource is the right ITAD partner, get in touch now.

What Is ReSource’s Process for Data Erasure or Data Destruction?
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Keeping your data safe, secure and, eventually, inaccessible requires both expertise and top-notch technology. Leveraging NIST 800-88 sanitising software, effective mechanical destruction, and properly trained staff, your data is safe from pickup to destruction.We even provide a COD (Certificate of Destruction) to meet your compliance requirements.

Which Industries Has ReSource Helped?
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With deep knowledge of the technology, processes, and needs of multiple industries, we have served diverse organisations throughout Australia including government departments, local councils, large corporations, data centres, and SMEs.

Which ITAD Services Does ReSource Offer?
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Offering all-in-one or a la carte ITAD services, ReSource is regarded for our ability to expert execute:

  • Onsite collection
  • Audit/Reporting
  • Decommissioning
  • Secure Transportation
  • Remarketing
  • Responsible Disposal
  • Friendly and Responsive Customer Service

Cost-effective, eco-friendly, and designed to put more money in your pocket through remarketing, ReSource is the best choice for ITAD in Australia.

The Average Australian Generates 21.7kg per year of E-Waste
We can Safely and Efficiently Recycle your E-Waste  

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